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Letters Upon The Aesthetic Education Of Man
William Tell


1759 Born November 10, 1759, in Marbach, Germany, the son of an army captain

1780 Schiller graduated from the duke of W√ľrttemberg‚??s military academy, the Karlsschule.

1780 he became an army surgeon, attached to a military life he abhorred. It had been the duke who had wanted him to study Medicine

1781 Die Räuber (The Robbers) His first play

1782 Its performance (Die Räuber) in Mannheim won him public acclaim as well as the wrath of the duke, who forbade him to write.

1783 Schiller fled from his post in Stuttgart and, after great deprivation, worked as a dramatist for the Mannheim theater for one year

1785 his second youthful success, Don Carlos

1787 Don Carlos, was performed in revised form.

1788 Schiller wrote a history of the revolt of the Netherlands against Spain

1789 gained a professorship of history at the Univ. of Jena (now Friedrich Schiller Univ. of Jena).

1790 Schiller married the gifted writer Charlotte von Lengefeld.

1793 Plagued by poor health, Schiller rejected subsequent offers of positions and from 1793 to the end of his life lived in Weimar, enjoying the friendship of Goethe.

1800 Mary Stuart

1801 The Maid of Orleans

1804 William Tell

05/09/1805 His health gradually failed, and he died in Weimar on May 9, 1805.




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